Pelaw wood has a wide variety of wildlife and the Friends of Pelaw Wood strive not only to maintain ecological diversity but by careful management of habitats increase the range of species in this area.

To establish a preliminary measure of the variety of species found in Pelaw Wood an ecological survey was undertaken in 2004. For the purposes of this survey, Pelaw Wood was divided into 9 “compartments”. The results of this survey for each of the compartments is listed below.

D Pelaw Wood Beck Dene

G Glades on bank top

U Upper Wood between the glades and the “new” middle path

L Lower River Bank Wood between the “new” middle path and the riverside

R Rabbit Banks

H Old Hockey Field

E Elm Bank between the old hockey field and the Batts

B The Batts – the bottom field below Old Durham Gardens

W Waste land next to Laurel Avenue School]