Minutes of AGM 01/01/2012

Minutes of Annual General Meeting at The Queen’s Head Hotel 

1st January 2012 at 1230pm.

Present: Tony Ewin (Chairman), Martin Dancey (Treasurer), Alison Wood, Anne Quigley, Jenny Lee, Vicky Chu, Richard Lilly, Roger McAdam, Mike Flood (Secretary).

Apologies: Jenny and Ian Zass-Ogilvie, Carole Millington and Peter Lattin.

Chairman’s Introduction:

Tony welcomed everyone and thanked them for the hard work which had gone into the improvements in the Wood over the past year. In addition, the stalwart efforts of the University Conservation Group in helping to improve the pathways was acknowledged.


The Minutes from the AGM 24th January 2011 were approved.

 Treasurer’s Report:

Martin presented a statement of accounts complete to the end of 2011. A copy is attached . The balance fell by £301.87 over the year from £1,289.47 to £1,135.20 mainly due to buying and maintaining trees.            .

Martin proposed that The Friends change their bank from Santander/Alliance and Leicester to the Cooperative Bank’s “Community Directplus” and this suggestion was unanimously approved. Martin is effecting this change in collaboration with Tony, Richard and Mike.

The Constitution:

Tony has amended our Constitution in order to more accurately reflect the aims and aspirations of The Friends.  The main changes concern the Objectives of The Friends, the confirmation of the AGM on the first Sunday of the year, and communication with members shall be by e-mail. The new Constitution was adopted unanimously and a copy is attached.

Future Projects:

There are three main areas of concern which have been noted and discussed during the past year.

One is the rapidly deteriorating state of the path leading from the south end of the Silver Link bridge up to the football pitch. Following discussions between John Bragg, ourselves and a representative from Houghall College it has been agreed that students from the latter are prepared to carry out this work. Details are being finalised including a timetable, the interface of involvement of The Friends and costs (any timber involved will be paid for by The Friends, for example).

The second is the need for conservation of the woodbanks, which have considerable historic interest. Small trees such as sycamores need to be cut back; existing hawthorns are in need of laying (a skilled job) and new ones planted where necessary. Jenny has kindly agreed to oversee this particular project.

The third concern is the need for considerable restoration work on the steps leading up into the Wood from the riverside path opposite the band stand. In fact, the  DCC in conjunction with the Rangers have recently offered to carry out this task. The former will provide the funds and the Rangers will be able to do the job a little later in the year.

Year’s Timetable: (provisional)

5th February-tackle the woodbanks situation.

4th March-improve the area at the top of the steps which lead down to the river opposite the Rowing Club; planting of blackthorn to the side of the lower part of the steps.

1st April-to be arranged

13thMay-?Dawn Chorus-note this is the second Sunday of the month in order to avoid the bank holiday weekend.

3rd June-to be arranged

1st July- bluebell seed collecting and sowing.

Tree Conservation:

The need for guidance in this area was expressed.

Curbing the overgrowth of tree shade and thereby allowing “meadow growth” was discussed. This raised the possible need for chain saw expertise.

(In this context, the Wild Woods joint meeting with Flass Vale later this month organised by Fran Mudd  was mentioned).

Doubt was cast on the appropriateness of Pelaw Wood as being a source for sustainable timber usage. Involvement of the Council could also be a complicating factor.

Diamond Jubilee:

There may be a possible involvement of The Friends in this event.

Election of Officers:

By unanimous agreement the following persons were re-elected-

Tony Ewin-Chairman

Martin Dancey –Treasurer

Mike Flood-Secretary.

The Meeting closed at 1400hrs.